I'm now based in Seoul, South Korea, and excited to get to know the area!  
I moved from t
he U.S., where I've had the privilege to work with some amazing
folks and be in some amazing new plays.  Highlights include Bryn Manion's
FORCE Trilogy and touring Belgium and Amsterdam with
Sponsored By Nobody's  WMD.  I've also worked with the OBIE Winning
Peculiar Works Project and the Stolen Chair Theatre Company.
I trained at
Circle in the Square Theatre School.  Before I came to acting,
I was a reporter and taught English in Japan.

February 2012- Two shows only of the The Vagina Monologues at Bus Boys and

October/November 2011- Up next We Fight We Die at Mead Theatre Lab at
Flashpoint .  Performances 10/27-29, 31, 11/3-5, 11/10-12 at 8PM. 10/30 & 11/6
at 3PM.    Graffiti artist versus the city guided by a modern-day spoken word
chorus.  I play the mayor.  Ticket and venue information

August 2011 - We had a fantastic run of Macbeth.  Thank you to all who came
out to see us and our excellent cast and crew led by Nick Jonczak and Jocelyn
Henjum!  Here's what DCTheatreScene had to say about me:  
As the conniving
Lady Macbeth, Sarah Stephens is the picture of sophistication and cool, at
least until the appearance of a certain “damned spot”. Stephens possesses a
sort of ethereal beauty and grace that serves her well in her dual roles as the
venomous queen and the goddess Hecate.  
Check out the whole review full of
many accolades

July/August 2011- Macbeth- I'm very excited to be playing Lady Macbeth and
Hecate at the Warehouse with the Impossible Theater Company.  8/3-8/6 at
7PM; 8/6-8/7 at 2 PM.  Click
here for ticket and venue information.

April/May 2011-
Zalmoxis at Georgetown's Devine Theatre.  4/29 & 4/30 at 8PM;
4/30 & 5/1 at 2PM.  One of Romania's most beloved poets and playwrights
captures this ancient Romanian myth.  Click
here to read about our event at the
Romanian Embassy earlier in April.

January 2011 - Please vote for
TAG, YOU'RE IT, which is in the Big Vision,
Empty Wallet online contest!  It's a short film I'm in.   Voting ends 1/31/11.

December 2010 - Did background work on the Kennedy Center Honors.  Wow, it
was amazing to watch all of the music and Broadway folks rehearse! I
especially loved No Doubt and Steven Tyler.

September- November 2010 - Rehearsed and premiered Sponsored By
ATM or this is [not] new york.  We had an excellent run at the
Monty  in Antwerp, Belgium.  

August/September 2010 - Had the honor of Assistant Directing the independent
vampire flick
Blood Junkies with the excellent folks at SMXL.

March 2010 - Completed a residency at Robert Wilson's
Watermill Center
with Sponsored By Nobody to begin developing ATM or this is [not] new york.

Plus an ABC demo I recorded for composer Gary Anderson.  A warning, some
browsers like Google Chrome auto-play my demos.  Working on ironing that out!

My demo


Impossible Theater Company's Macbeth at the Warehouse in Washington, DC,
August 2011.

Still  from Julio Barros's Love You Back 2008.
sarahlstephens at yahoo.com
Sponsored By Nobody's ATM or this
is [not] new york
at the Monty Arts
Center in Antwerp, Belgium,
November 2010.