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Winter 2020

Always looking for voiceover and acting work here in Copenhagen.  To that end, I plan to get my home voiceover studio going soon.  I'm currently teaching yoga and assisting with the rehearsal of a theatre piece.  My educational show, Timeless Tales, continues to air on JEI English TV in Seoul, South Korea.


Fall 2019

I sent myself back to Danish class at Studie Skolen and feel like my Danish really improved over three months. 


Summer 2019

Excited to have finished my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tranquil Space in Washington, D.C. 


"Devilishly plotting the King’s murder and then putting on a ‘good hostess’ act in front of him five minutes later, Stephens could fool just about anyone, and that is what makes her perfectly cast for Lady Macbeth."

-MD Theatre Guide


"The Accidental Patriot is a great deal of fun, thanks to...some terrific performances (notably Sarah Stephens as the other principal female character, an outspoken and noble Irish-American saloon proprietress named Cassie Walker)."

-Martin Denton,


"Offering particularly outstanding support are Sarah Stephens, who plays Jack's Serbian contact Eva as well as the "breathing coach" of a little girl who holds her breath for a living."

- Martin Denton,

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