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Sarah Stephens

Hair: Brown              Eyes: Brown

Height: 170 cm (5'7")  Weight: 56.5 kg (125 pounds)


Training:  Two Year Professional Actor Workshop, Circle in the Square Theatre School, New York, NY


THEATRE [selected roles in New York, Europe, and Washington, D.C.]

Macbeth                                                Lady Macbeth                 Impossible Theatre Company
The Vagina Monologues                     I Was There                     Bus Boys and Poets
The FORCE Trilogy                               Eva                                    Aisling Arts

Imminent, Indeed                                Jenny Diver                      Aisling Arts

The Accidental Patriot                        Cassie Walker                  Stolen Chair Theatre Company

Kill Me Like You Mean It                     Vivian Beaumont            Stolen Chair Theatre Company

ATM or this is [not] new york            New Yorker C                  Sponsored By Nobody

WMD (just the low points)                 Reader Two                     Sponsored By Nobody

Behind the Bullseye                            White Woman                Sponsored By Nobody

Island of Dr. Moreau                          Lota                                  Radiotheatre NYC

Hardboiled                                           Sylvia                                Radiotheatre NYC

Madhouse                                            Karen                               Radiotheatre NYC

The West Village Fragments              Eve                                   Peculiar Works Project


Love You Back                                   Lead                                        Barros Films

Kingdom of Ultimate Power           Supporting                             Pilot Light Pictures


Timeless Tales                                  Host                                        JEI English TV

StoryHouse - Folktales                    Host                                       JEI English TV

NY Actors Showcase                        Supporting                           Metro TV



A&E Promo                                          Girlfriend                                 Glenn Schubert Company

Balese Car Dealership                        Wife                                         Blue Sky Productions

Office Parody Training Video              Pam                                         Rocket Media

Dept. of Labor Training Video             Office Manager                       Oppix Media

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